Miniatur Wunderland breaks its own world record

315 additional metres extend the track of the world’s largest model railway to 15,715 metres | Wunderland receives another record title for the world’s largest cross-scale model train set

For many years, Miniatur Wunderland has officially been the largest model train set in the world. With the connection of the new Monaco/Provence section, the set will be extended by a further 315 metres, thus increasing the existing world record. The connection of the new railway line was ceremoniously completed on the morning of 14 August 2019 in front of the press and in the presence of Guinness World Records judge Lena Kuhlmann. Miniatur Wunderland has thus not only increased its own existing record from 15,400 metres to 15,715 metres but has also set another record.

There are model train sets worldwide in many different scales. Some build their sets to almost lifelike proportions, others build them only a few millimetres long. They are all comparable due to the standardised scale based on the real world. With more than 1367.21 kilometres of ‘real length’, Wunderland can now call itself the world’s largest model railway set across all scales.


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Record Train
Record Train
Record Train
Record Train
Frederik (left) and Gerrit (right) Braun together with record judge Lena Kuhlmann send the world record train onto the new track.
The world records are celebrated in the best of moods in confetti rain.
There is great joy at the ceremonial handing over of the official Guinness World Records certificates.
Frederik and Gerrit are happy about two (new) records: Frederik (left) holds the certificate for the title of the largest model train set in his hands, Gerrit (right) presents the cross-scale record.